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Dental Insurance in Colorado: Frequently Asked Questions

In this article, we’re going to clear up some of the frequently asked questions about dental insurance in Colorado. 

What Is Dental Insurance?

A dental insurance plan will cover some of the costs that come along with dental care, whether it’s preventative, minor, or potentially even major.

How Does Dental Insurance Work?

Dental insurance isn’t all that different from a health insurance plan. You’ll pay a monthly amount for your dental insurance plan, which is your premium. Then, you pay for a specific amount of the services covered by your dental insurance plan before your insurance kicks in and starts paying, which is your deductible. When you’ve met your deductible, you are then responsible for a portion of covered expenses, which is your coinsurance. The majority of Golden Rule Insurance Company dental plans have coinsurance at 20% or 30%. With some dental plans, you may have to pay a set amount for some services, such as X-rays, which is your copay.

What Will A Dental Plan Cover?

The majority of dental insurance plans include a maximum benefit per year. Plans underwritten by Golden Rule Insurance Company have an annual maximum of between $1,000 and $3,000.

Is Dental Care Covered by the Affordable Care Act?

Dental insurance is a standalone form of coverage, so you can buy dental insurance without being covered by a major health insurance plan.

Are There Dental Insurance Plans for Seniors?

Lots of dental insurance plans don’t have age limits for their average, so you can purchase at any age. You should remember though that some plans are specifically designed for older customers and include specific age-related benefits.

Can You Have Dental Insurance Without Health Insurance?

Dental insurance is a standalone form of coverage, so you can buy dental insurance without being covered by a major health insurance plan.

What Does Dental Insurance Cover?

Dental insurance covers preventative care, such as tooth cleaning, X-rays, and routine dental exams. Your plan may require a copay for these services, but many don’t. In general, preventative services are covered by dental insurance plans. A lot of dental insurance plans also cover basic and major dental services like extractions, fillings, crowns, and root canals.

Does Dental Insurance Have A Waiting Period?

Preventative services have no waiting period once you’re covered, so you can get them as soon as you’ve bought dental insurance. Some plans have waiting periods of four months to a year for basic and major services.

In-Network vs Out-of-Network Care

In-network and out-of-network care cost different amounts. An in-network dentist will accept a reduced negotiated rate for services, so you pay a lower amount before your insurance provider is involved. Non-network dentists can charge you any remaining amount up to the billed price. When you’re in-network, you also will not have to submit claims yourself in most cases. Instead, your dental office will do the paperwork.


Make sure to check how many dentists in your area are in-network before you choose a dental plan to buy. You may want to check that your current dentist is in-network too. With an in-network provider, you’ll save yourself money.


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