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Does your current Silver health plan have an extremely high deductible? You compromise to keep monthly expenses reasonable, but what if you weren’t able to pay the deductible in an emergency? Consider pricing the lesser cost of a Bronze plan and adding supplemental policies that cover deductible amounts in the event of an accident and illness instead. David Singer can help you compare cost and coverage gaps to find the right combination of insurance plans at a more affordable price.

There are many health insurance options today, and finding the right one is more complicated than ever. The choices for plans and coverage can be confusing and overwhelming. It helps to have someone narrow them down to fit your specific circumstances. David will evaluate your overall health needs for you or your family using years of expertise and understanding. It takes a licensed expert to help you comparison shop and get through the application or renewal process. It is possible to do it quickly and painlessly. The relief comes from knowing you didn’t pay a dime more than necessary to get what you really need.

David is genuinely interested in your well-being and patiently listens to your whole health history before making any recommendations. He gives you choices that meet current medical needs, ongoing care, and prescriptions that make the most sense. You will find the best Colorado health insurance coverage to address both budget and medical concerns.

About David Singer

David is an avid outdoorsman with 2 rescue dogs who also like to explore. Originally from Rhode Island, David spent his free time sailing and fishing. Eventually, he moved to Colorado to be closer to family. Because he likes to travel, he meets new people, learns new things, and enjoys sharing his experiences. His caring and curious personality contribute to his ability to set people at ease when shopping for health insurance.

Call David at (720) 724-6322, click on Specific Plans, or Contact David Singer. Purchasing health insurance should be simple. With a licensed agent trained to sort through complex information and grasp how it works, you can feel protected and maintain your health without worry.

Need a second opinion on your current health insurance plan? I’m happy to take a look and provide honest feedback. Message David.

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"David helped me, my wife and our children find the right health plan for our needs. We’re self employed and his guidance was very beneficial in navigating the market. Highly recommend!"

"I strongly recommend David Singer for anyone who needs health insurance. David Singer has been the go to man for my family and my health insurance for the past five years. He is amazing. He listens and understands our needs and finding the perfect insurance for us. Thank you, David 

"David Singer was very knowledgeable with healthcare information. We were able to make great decisions based on his input. I’m so pleased with the plan!"